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This website is dedicated to providing a resource to board game enthusiasts in the Dallas Texas area who are looking to play in both open gaming and scheduled gaming events. Dallas Games members meet regularly to enjoy playing a variety of board games with one another. Some information can be found below on what open gaming and what scheduled games are all about.

Open Gaming

Everyone in Dallas Games is encouraged to show up and have fun. Games played are often (but not required to be) shorter and less involved than a scheduled game. Multiple short games are played continuously from the start time until stores close. All open gaming events at retail stores are open to the public. Please read about Guidelines and Store Etiquette for more information. If you are attending your first Open Gaming session, please consider introducing yourself via our mailing list so we know to keep an eye out and welcome you. Games may be scheduled during open gaming as well. The number of games scheduled on a given night is not limited. If you want to schedule a game during open gaming, email the Dallas Games list.

Scheduled Games

Scheduled games and leagues are for longer, more involved games. Any member may host or play in a scheduled game. Common courtesy suggests that you e-mail or call the hosts of scheduled games and let them know you plan to play. Also keep hosts apprised if the status of your attendance changes so they will know whether or not to wait for you. Hosts should check their e-mail prior to the game to keep posted on the latest status of the attendees. In addition, hosts are encouraged to make rules to the game available either on the web page, email links to other sites or by scanning images of the rules. If rules are available, players should try to become familiar with them prior to play. However, trying new games is encouraged, so show up whether or not you read the rules before hand. If you had your heart set on playing the scheduled game, get there on time. See the Scheduled Game Policies for more information. If you want to host a scheduled game, email the Dallas Games list. Maps, start times and session dates can be posted on the web page by request. Remember, the host gets to choose what to play.


There are certain expectations of individuals who participate in board game events. A section that can be found here has been established to provide general guidelines that need to be adhered to.

Dallas Games Events

If you're interested in playing in games please see the following links that provide a schedule of meet ups and opportunities to play.

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Dallas Gamers Marathon - Monthly board gaming events.

Online Board Games

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